Who should become XBRL certified?

Achieve confidence. Earn certification.

The XBRL Foundation Training Course gives you the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions when implementing and using XBRL taxonomies and tools. Equipped with this essential XBRL knowledge, you will be able to perform at a higher level in your job and help improve the overall performance of your organization.  
Everyone who completes the XBRL Foundation Course is eligible to take the certification exam and be officially certified by XII. The globally recognized certificate is solid proof that you successfully demonstrated your knowledge and understanding of the XBRL Standard and its key components. Plus, certification is a valuable addition to your professional resume, increasing your value in the marketplace.

Who benefits from XBRL training:

All personnel involved in managing the processes and technologies for automating business information, including consultants brought on board, should be trained and certified in XBRL. The XBRL Foundation training provides benefits for:

    • CFOs, Controllers, External Reporting Managers and Finance Staff members who have direct responsibility for implementing XBRL filing requirements
    • Analysts and investors who want to streamline their professional work
    • System architects, application designers and developers to facilitate solutions