ONF SDN Associate Exam (Members)

This Open Networking Foundation (ONF) certification exam examines and certifies that the successful candidate has an overview of SDN concepts, definitions, and open source initiatives in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) arena.
$175.00 IVA

This exam presumes basic knowledge in computer networking practices and will authenticate conceptual understanding in how those computer networking foundations are affected in an SDN environment. It is a foundation-level certification exam for networking professionals and enthusiasts who are seeking an introduction to SDN. Also, it provides valuable hands-on experience with a Mininet network and the Floodlight Controller. 

Exam Facts

 Delivery  Online 
 Format  Closed Book
 Proctoring  Web-Proctored
 Duration  60 minutes, 15 minutes extra time for non-native English speakers 
 No. of Questions    40 multiple choice questions
 Pass Grade  70%

Note: These exams are available in the English and Simplified Chinese languages. Each question has 4 possible answer options; one which is worth 5 marks; one, which is worth 3 marks, one, which is worth 1 mark, and one which is a distracter and achieves no marks. 

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For Detailed Information Refer to the Course Fact Sheet

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